22 years looking for state of the art in pigeon sport!


From early childhood, José Ledesma was interested in the pigeon, but it was not until 30 years old when he discovered the great racing pigeon racing sport. Hobby that completely captivate him until the actuality...

The Criteria our Breeders have to meet.

We decided to offer some of our birds to racing pigeon fanciers world wide. In order to provide and maintain the same excellent quality in the pigeons we are offering for sale, we decided that our breeders must meet a certain criteria in order to be a part of our breeding program. They must demonstrate the qualities listed above and they must produce offspring with excellent racing capabilities.

Breeding Pairs.

In order to obtain and maintain the specific qualities for long distance, speed races and over night racing, our pigeons have to meet the following criteria: Intelligence and guidance - mordant - character - instinct - quality and muscle volume - speed and talent to fly hard races over long distances over the sea. Objectives: Breeding quality pigeons with specific qualities to fly long and hard races. At least one parent, grandparent or great-grandparent of each pigeon offered for sale has award from great distances from Africa or over the Seas.



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